Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dachshund

1. NOT THAT OLD First of all, doxie’s can live into their late teens and even early 20s, so when we say senior… what we really mean is middle-aged!

2. CALM SNUGGLES Need a snuggle bunny, but don’t want all that crazy energy? Seniors are the perfect speed for you.

3. SENIORS CAN LOVE They may be older dogs, but they have an INFINITE amount of love to give… and are so grateful for your love and care.

4. THEY CAN LEARN You can teach an old dog new tricks… dogs can learn at every age! And many seniors are already trained.

5. EASY TRANSITION Senior dachshunds are much better at transitioning into your home than a younger dog.

6. SAVE A LIFE Adopting a senior saves a life, one that can often be overlooked but no less valuable.

7. FROSTY FACE What could be cuter than a few distinguishing gray hairs?!

8. GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH Caring for an older dog isn’t exhausting and you get the same amount of love and devotion (maybe more) which is good for your health too!

9. RELAXING Senior doxie’s are more relaxing to be around and way less uptight, they won’t go ballistic if they see a squirrel outside.

10. BE A HERO Some of our seniors may never have had the love that other younger adoptees get, but you have the chance to show theses senior dachshunds that just because they are older, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve love… what a great act of love and kindness… (and talk about good karma…)

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