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The lowdown on fostering a rescued dachshund is that it may turn out to be one of the most rewarding and meaningful experiences you’ll encounter.

Jack and Janet, red dachshunds, bonded pair
[ ADOPTED ] Jack & Janet a bonded pair of dachshunds asleep.

Helping a dachshund leave an animal shelter, giving them a home when their family life changes, rescuing them from a hoarding situation, or breeder and giving them a safe haven is an irreplaceable act of kindness.

You can benefit from being a foster; as you give your foster dogs love, you will earn their trust and receive love from them in return, and change the course of their lives for better.

Being a foster to dachshunds is something you can do that will make a world of difference to the dogs who find themselves confused, in between homes, sometimes older, and often overdue in getting to the veterinarian. The Dachshund Rescue of Utah pays the veterinary bills. Each of the dogs goes to the vet for a checkup and follow ups may be needed.

We hope you will fill out the Foster Application!

Have You Thought About Fostering a Dachshund?

If you’d like to try fostering a rescued dachshund that’s great! Please go ahead and fill out the foster application. You help rescued dachshunds prepare for their next big step, of being adopted to their new, dachshund-educated, forever family and you gain a community of other DRUT fosters. We invite you to see our DRUT Alumni to meet a few of the dogs who have spent time with us.

Good for the Dachshund. Good for You!

Rosie, happy dachshund, black and tan fur, tongue hanging out
[ ADOPTED ] Rosie, a black and tan dachshund, came to the Dachshund Rescue of Utah from a shelter in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Help a dachshund (The reasons they need help vary but can include: family situation change like owner moving to assisted living, senior dachshunds, bonded pairs, medical issues, etc.)
  • You’re not alone. You + Dachshund + DRUT = Community
  • Learn how to support the doxies in their different situations
  • Each dog has a unique personality
  • Being a friend and safe home for a dog who needs you
  • Give and receive love
  • Dachshunds like to cuddle and like to sleep with their humans 
  • The special relationship with your foster dog is irreplaceable 
  • Gain more understanding for what they are experiencing
  • Understand the dachshund breed better
  • Walking friend
  • Improve focus – especially when you learn their signs they need to go out
  • Easy ways to clean up outside and inside:
    scooper-rakes, paper towels, floor pads, household cleaning-wipes
  • Learn how to really do a downward dog dachshund stretch

We hope you’ll fill out the Foster Application! If you’re not sure about fostering a dachshund, there are other ways to get involved and help! Thank you!