How the Dog Surrender Process Works

Cookie, long hair dachshund
Cookie came to the Dacshund Rescue of Utah in need of medical care.

You start by filling out the surrender form on our website. We then find a foster who can take the dog into their home while he or she is with the rescue. They will be treated as a family pet and often may have new dog friends at their foster home.

The Dachshund Rescue of Utah makes a lifelong commitment to the dog. Our fosters go through an application process to ensure they are a good match to help dachshunds, and their references are checked. 

You fill out the surrender form and we arrange a date and time to meet so you can surrender the dog to us. Besides any of their bedding, toys and belongings that are going with them we ask you to bring their veterinary records so we can understand their health history and so we can see where they are at with their vaccinations.

When the dog has settled in with the foster we set up an appointment with the vet for a well dog check up. After that there may be a couple of follow ups based on what the vet recommends. When the dog is healthy we work on finding them a forever home. 

We share the dog’s photo and details online to encourage interested people to apply to adopt them. We review applications, talk to references and carefully select what we hope will be the best match. If the new family doesn’t work out we require the person who adopted them to return them to the rescue, where they are placed with a foster while we look for a better match.

We do not have a facility but operate based on the goodwill of our fosters, adoption fees and donations to help pay the veterinary bills. 

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