Senior Dachshunds Are so Cute!

Willy is a black and tan senior dachshund who was removed from a hoarding household. He was malnourished and has had a long recovery.

Willy is a black and tan senior dachshund who was removed from a hoarding household. He was malnourished and has had a long recovery.

by Suzanne Nikolaisen, February 13, 2022

Do you need a nap? So do our senior dachshund friends. The fact that they’re older doesn’t mean their life is over, they’re entering into a more mellow time of their life. More naps, a little less velcro-dog, and they still love and can be loved. If they need a little help on the health side of things, it’s not uncommon to the condition of being alive for any of us. From taking a vitamin, a prescription or they maybe making a trip to the dentist (vet) senior dachshunds, just like us, need care to stay as healthy and strong as they can be, between their naps.

When older dachshunds get their crazy little bursts of energy they are so cute, almost puppy-like in their spaz-y-ness, a little out of control as they run by you with the zoom-ies after a bath for instance. Still interested in tasty snacks, if they have no teeth, little bite sized soft-cookie snacks are worth finding you for! Senior dachshunds still have a good amount of sass and fun personality. If they liked to “talk” in their heyday, they may still be chatty when something important is going down; like their dinner is being made. 

Their interest in the little things might give us a precious touchstone reminder to experience the world at their pace. They may want to stop to explore the world on a walk, smelling the other dogs that passed by earlier. These small, but still sensitive seniors take time to pause as they explore the garden, sensing things you can only guess at, maybe a cat passed through during the night?

We’re in a time of technology, velcro, right? There are many ways to make things easier than ever before when caring for senior dachshunds. From handy dog doors to belly bands for incontinence, pee pads, laminate flooring, absorbent-washable rugs, lysol wipes–you get the idea! Clean up for accidents is quick, and the dogs are often on their way to the door anyway with good intentions. With a little time you get to know their schedule and know when to make sure they head outside.

The relationship you build with your senior dachshund, and the opportunity to help them when they need it most, dipping into your patience and kindness, is rewarding beyond measure. And there are amazing things you can enjoy spoiling them with like the fluffy, fuzzy donut beds for their long naps, soft blankets, sun-shirts so they don’t burn when they sun bathe and don’t miss the Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dachshund.

Humankind helped dachshunds become the breed they are, low to the ground and long, it’s for us to tap into patience and unconditional love for them as well. The trade of loving care can be seen when there is trust in their eyes, appreciative singing or growly-chattiness when you’re making their dinner, and a cuddle or when they lean into a scratch. Gentle belly scratches never go out of style and neither does your patience and TLC for these little dachshunds who come naturally to their unconditional love for you and their forever families.