DRUT Alumni

Bailey was a happy boy who was adopted to a new family through the Dachshund Rescue of Utah (DRUT).

A Doxies Tail Tale!

These are some of the dogs who have spent
time with the Dachshund Rescue of Utah’s
foster families. Learn a little bit about them
and their happy tales.

Jack & Janet
Jack and Janet were a young brother and sister (bonded pair) from a CA shelter, who were overweight; helped by love, proper feedings, and daily walks. Adopted.
Sammy (age-7) had worsening vision--which happens with double dapple. Scared and timid he had nipped. Adopted. Family experienced with blind dogs.
Darling dog (10 yrs. old), family had abusive ex-partner. Aggression, did not get along with other dogs. Adoptive family had experience with his issues.
At rescue twice, aggressive, anxiety, did not like men (dogs do not come this way), foster men okay. 2nd surrender +potty issues. Adopted by dog behaviorist.
(7yrs) Family had an older dog he didn’t get along with. Separation anxiety, looking for human attention. Needed somebody home all of the time. Adopted.
Missy (14yrs.) and Lilly (7yrs.) bonded pair. Their owner went to a memory care. Missy had only a few teeth and accidents. Adopted.
Lilly (7yrs.) and Missy (14yrs.) bonded pair. Their owner went to a memory care. Lilly had a history of paralysis recovery. Adopted.
Schatze is a sweet girl who loves to bark. She came to DRUT after her owner moved into assisted living, family unable to keep her. Adopted.
Panda is a dachshund mix. She came to DRUT as a puppy. She had been spending her days outside in the cold, and nights in the garage. Adopted.
Marta (blind) came to DRUT, with Piñata (a bonded pair) after their owner passed away. Marta crossed the rainbow bridge due to bone cancer
Piñata, a chihuahua, was a companion to Marta. When Marta crossed the rainbow bridge Piñata was adopted. She has 3-fur buddies with her new family.
Cookie, came to DRUT with her daughter Twinkie, as a bonded pair. Cookie needed to have a baseball-sized mammary tumor removed. Adopted.
Twinkie came to DRUT with her mom, Cookie. She received medical care while at the rescue. She was adopted with her mom.
Vet referred, surrendered to be euthanized. Aggressive, fearful, not trusting, came with cough. Okay with foster. Best friends with fosters son. Adopted.
Surrendered due to accident and fear of expensive surgery. Paralyzed from waist down. Waited too long for surgery; kidney damage, diapers. Adopted.
Surrendered due to his owner going into hospice due to cancer. Minion was a sweetheart--that went after younger cats. Adopted and has a dachshund buddy.
Riley is a schweenie puppy. Unfortunately his first family turned out not to be a good fit. He is now living the country life with his BFF (a shih tzu) in Tooele, Utah.
Kobe was found in a shelter in CA. He has separation anxiety, but loves playing! He loves other dogs and wants to make all the friends! He loves crashing on his mom!
Maggie Mae
Maggie Mae came to us after her Mom passed away. She is now living her best senior years in Northern California.
Roni (a chihuahua) came from Taylorsville, Utah, with Willy from a hoarding situation. Not a bonded pair. He had skin issues and undernourishment. Adopted.
New marriage, small child, and baby on the way meant 8-yr old Zoey was in her kennel a lot; pee accidents and skin rashes. Dental issues. Adopted.
Chester (a dachshund mix) came from a shelter in L.A. He had spent his life chained up outside his home and had behavior issues. K-9 Lifeline helped. Adopted.
Age 17, Rusty was a forever foster. He lived with his foster family in St. George, Utah. His mom was with him when he crossed the rainbow bridge.
Bailey was given to the rescue when his owner died and her husband was not able to care for him. He was overweight, but healthy. Adopted.
Daisy a playful and loving brindle dachshund had anxiety and did not like to be alone. Needed a quiet home. Too much chaos, she would run and hide.
Cleo (age 6) is a very smart dog who loves people, belly rubs and going for walks. She was overweight when she arrived but started loosing weight. Adopted.
(Age 3) Very quiet, sweet, spunky and snuggly Hans got along well with other dogs. Shy and wary around men, needed older respectful children. Adopted.
Charlie came from an animal shelter in California. He had a blockage and needed surgery. He was particular about what dogs he would get along with. Adopted.
(Age 9) Becks was surrendered so her owners could travel. She hiked with them, was healthy and was adopted by someone who likes to travel with her.
Quinn & Ivy
Quinn and Ivy (a mother daughter bonded pair) came to us from Ogden, Utah. Ivy was anxious and nippy. They were adopted.
Weezer was brought to Salt Lake City from an animal shelter in Roosevelt, Utah. She visited the vet and was adopted.
Oscar (14-yrs) was experiencing separation anxiety, and aggression. After patience and training he felt so much better! Adopted!
Willy's a sweet senior boy, black and tan doxie, who came from a hoarding house. He was very ill. He's come a long way! Adopted!
Bj, a mini short-haired Doxy, came to us from a hoarding situation. He never stopped wagging his tail and found his new family! Adopted!
Sweet Bentley was brought to us from a hoarding house. He joined his new "herd" and it became forever! Adopted!
13 y/o surrendered mini, short-haired Doxy needed a loving family. Found!!
Sweet lil 8 y/o Lamb Chop was surrendered to DRUT and what a delight! Forever home found!