DRUT Foster Application

Thank you for your interest in helping the Dachshund Rescue of Utah (DRUT)! Fostering dachshunds is a responsibility and a joy, and requires patience and kindness for the dogs. The dachshunds with DRUT have come from many different backgrounds, but all of them need love and help feeling better sometimes physically, sometimes emotionally and our fosters are their allies! Please fill out the following application and we will get back to you soon.

Example: Dachshund, Female, Spayed, 4 years
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Home Environment

About where you live and how the foster dog will live with you.
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NOTE: We do not foster with homes that have pools open to the yard. In order to foster with us the pool must be enclosed by a secure fence. A fenced backyard is not sufficient. The pool --must not-- be accessible by the dog(s).
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Please share your vet's contact information as well as two personal references.
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