Nobody “Wants” to Surrender a Dachshund

Jack & Janet
Bonded pair of dachshunds, Jack and Janet.

If you’re looking into surrendering a dachshund, you want them to have another chance at a forever family and a happy life. The more you understand about the process may help you feel better about the decision.

Dachshunds are surrendered to the Dachshund Rescue of Utah for many reasons and most aren’t cold or uncaring. In fact considering surrendering a dog to DRUT often comes from a place of caring about the dog and its future happiness. For example, some of the common reasons we accept dogs include:

  • Death or illness of an owner
  • Owner is too old to care for them
  • Move/Housing that doesn’t allow pets
  • Move to assisted living
  • Can’t afford the dogs medical expenses
  • Local shelter
  • Medical issues
  • Bonded pair (2 dogs)

Less Common

  • Removed from hoarding
  • Removed due to neglect
  • Quarantine/Out of Country
  • Changing family situations
  • Female dachshund from breeder

When a dachshund is surrendered to DRUT they go to their foster home. Dachshund fosters are volunteers who are dedicated to helping the dogs and they welcome the dogs into their homes. Soon after they arrive the dogs will have a check up with a vet and get help, if needed. Help might come in the form of getting their vaccinations up to date, working on behavioral issues, having a dental, or the vet diagnosing and treating underlying health issues. When the dogs are back up on their paws and ready to go we help them find their forever family.

Sometimes surrendering a dog can be the right direction to help them. You are in the place to decide what the right next step is for them. Working with the Dachshund Rescue of Utah is a compassionate choice and we’d be happy to talk to you about it, or you are welcome to submit a surrender form to get the process started for your dog.

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